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Insurance Marketplace specializes in classic auto and specialty auto insurance. We offer policies through several reputable companies. You may request a premium proposal by fax, e-mail, or telephone providing the information listed on the proposal form below. We also offer other personal lines for homes, motorcycles, trucks and a complete line of commercial insurance.

  • All companies have Agreed Value Endorsement.

Agreed Value coverage: Guarantees that you will receive every dollar of what you insured your car for in the event of total loss.

Replacement cost coverage protects your unique investment.

Specialty Auto includes:

  • Classic
  • Street Rod
  • Kit Cars (Cobras, Lotus, etc.)
  • Antique Cars and Pickups
  • Modified/Custom
  • Custom Motorcycle Insurance
  • Race Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Antique Commercial Trucks

What Is Agreed Value Coverage?

All of our policies are issued with Agreed Value coverage. In the event of a total loss, Agreed value guarantees that you will receive every dime of what you insured your car for in the event of a partial or total loss. This endorsement includes labor & parts of like kind and quality. Not every kind of insurance guarantees this – most standard insurance policies will only pay “up to” that amount or some pro-rated amount. Whenever you insure a collector car, please be sure you have Agreed Value coverage.

What About Only One Liability Charge?

We know that in the world of collector cars, owning more than one at a time is quite common. That’s why with Insurance Marketplace, when you insure more than one antique or classic vehicle with us, the liability coverage for the additional vehicles are free. You only pay one liability charge for your entire collection, whether you have two classics or two hundred.

What Happens If I Have A Claim?

In case of a claim, we work with you to quickly and fairly bring it to a settlement.

People buy insurance for protection and peace of mind, so we believe that superior claim service is essential. The companies we use, administrate most claims in their home office which allows us to give you the personal service you deserve. We’re also happy to work with the repair shop of your choice.

Contrary to other antique auto insurers, we do not have an attendance requirement for loss settlement on our policies.

How Can I Get Started With Specialty Insurance Services?

Use the online form below, or use our printable form to request a proposal.

A representative will contact you with more information.

How Does My Car Qualify?

This is a specialty program, designed to insure antiques, classics, show cars, trucks, classic motorcycle, muscle cars, exotics, and street rods and customs. Some vehicles under active restoration and some high quality replicas are also eligible for coverage. Please note: home-built kit cars, newer utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and those used for the commercial transportation of passengers or goods are ineligible. We are unable to insure any vehicle on the track or participating in a rally or racing event. But we do have a program for those vehicles. Please inquire.

How Can I Use My Collector Car?

Most recognize that collector car owners enjoy driving their vehicles. Unlike some specialty insurance programs, we are flexible about how the use of your collector cars. We require that you own an insured regular-use vehicle for driving to work, running errands, etc. We encourage you to enjoy your collector – go ahead, take a sunny weekend drive for maintenance usage.

Vehicle usage is primarily for the hobbyist and investor. This includes parades, shows, meets, exhibitions and the like. An occasional pleasure drive is acceptable for maintenance.

If the body of the vehicle has been modified and/or the engine altered to increase speed, your vehicle may be eligible for our new Modified Auto Insurance Program.

You must own a daily use vehicle for running errands, commuting to work and normal every-day usage.

Your Antique/Classic vehicle must be stored in an enclosed, locked garage, warehouse, or special storage facility when not is use.


Form may be submitted by email or fax to (253) 952-3260.


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NOTE: All proposals will be with $300,000 liability.